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Stream Processing


A simple program that reads AIS data from a CSV file, accumulates the observations in main memory and send the temporal values to a MobilityDB database when they reach a given number of instants in order to free the memory and ingest the newest observations. The program uses the libpq library to connect to PostgreSQL.

The output of the program is given next.

Creating the table AISTrips in the database
Accumulating 1000 instants before sending them to the database
(one marker every database update)
156837 records read.
0 incomplete records ignored.
Result of the query 'SELECT MMSI, public.numInstants(trip) FROM public.AISTrips;'

   mmsi    | numinstants
 257136000 |     20978
 219001559 |     35781
 566948000 |     23946
 219027804 |     16417
 265513270 |     7707